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Our company is a professional manufacturer of signal jammer, vehicle jammer, manpack jammer,UAV jammer. Please find the products you need according to the product classification.

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    Signal Jammer
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    High Power Jammer
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    Vehicle Jammer
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    Portable Jammer
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    UAV Jammer
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    Signal Detection
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The most popular vehicle jammer, frequency jammer, the most popular intelligent jammer, wireless jammer, UAV jammer, radio jammer etc. Please Click to check the details.

  • high power jammer
    SMa-818K90 High-Power Mobile Signal Jammer
  • Hand-held 4G mobile signal jammer
    SMa-818S High-Power Hand-Held 4G Mobile Signal Jammer
  • High-Power Full-Band Vehicle Signal Jammer
    SMa-818Q High-Power Full-Band Vehicle Mobile Signal Jammer
  • High-Power Full-Band Vehicle Mobile Signal Jammer
    SMa-818TB High-Power Full-Band Vehicle Mobile Signal Jammer
  • Wireless Signal Shield
    SMa-818T5 Draw-Bar Signal Jammer
  • Knapsack Mobile Signal Jammer
    SMa-818M Knapsack Mobile Signal Jammer
  • High-Power Mobile Signal Jammer With Installation Box
    SMa-818K80 High-Power Mobile Signal Jammer
  • High-Power Mobile Signal Jammer
    SMa-818K200 High-Power(200W) Mobile Signal Jammer
  • Built-in Antenna Engineering 2G/3G/4G/5G Mobile Signal Jammer
    SMa-818B5 All System Mobile Signal Jammer
  • Network Remote Control 5G Signal Jammer
    SMa-818B5-PLUS 2G/3G/4G/5G Mobile Signal Jammer TCP/IP Network Remote Control

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NanJing BoKang Electromechanical Technology CO.,LTD

    Founded in January 2005, Nanjing Baikang mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise integrating the R & D, design, production and sales (channels) of signal jammer and detection products such as "mobile phone signal jammer", "mobile phone shield intelligent management and control system", "mobile phone signal detection management system". Based on the development of the latest technology at home and abroad, focusing on the mainten...

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The signal jammer, frequency jammer, portable jammer, vehicle jammer and other cases published on this website are the real applications of our company's jamming equipment. Please do not reprint or copy without permission. Violators will be prosecuted!

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Latest News

We will provide you with news trends such as the technical trend of signal jammer, the application scenario analysis of frequency jammer, the price guidance of UAV jammer and vehicle jammer. We will provide you with first-hand real-time dynamic information.

Jun 04, 2023

Due to differences in application environments or usage scenarios, the antennas configured for 5G jammers usually have two options: omnidirectional antennas and directional antennas. It is easier for customers to understand the coverage and signal transmission direction of omnidirectional antennas, ...

Will the 5G jammer no longer interfere with the sides and rear after using the directional antenna?
Jun 04, 2023

High-power jammers, as the name suggests, refer to jammers with very high radio frequency transmission power, generally referring to jamming devices with a transmission power of more than 50W for each radio frequency channel. Sometimes we receive some individual customers who ask us about this kind ...

Is it feasible for individuals to purchase and use high-power jammers?
Jun 04, 2023

Some customers, especially some individual users, after consulting us all the questions about the full-band signal jammer products, proposed to trade and purchase on the e-commerce platform. Unfortunately, Nanjing Bokang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of full-...

Advantages and disadvantages of buying full-band signal jammers from e-commerce platforms
Jun 04, 2023

Whenever the college entrance examination, high school entrance examination or College English Test Band 4 and Band 6, the exam jammer, as an important weapon to maintain the fairness of the test, ensure the stability of the exam and prevent candidates from cheating, will work throughout the entire ...

How does the jammer in the examination room prevent vandalism?
Jun 04, 2023

The current wireless signal jammers are of various types and styles. After selecting and installing the shielding device, some customers put forward certain requirements for the device's power-on and power-off functions. This is not satisfied with the realization of the device through conventional h...

Is there a wireless signal jammer that can be controlled by mobile phone software?
May 28, 2023

At present, more and more prisons have installed 5G mobile phone jammers, and we often receive project consultations from prisons. Some of the problems in the consultation process can be brought up for discussion and provide us with reasonable solutions. suggestion. For example: Some customers have ...

How to plan and design the prison's 5G mobile phone jammer project?
May 28, 2023

The test room jammer is to complete the signal shielding for all 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other standards, which determines that a standard 5G test room jammer needs to be included in the frequency range covered by the shielded signal from 700MHz to 4960MHz . Of course, in such a wide frequency bandwidth,...

The most complicated and crowded 1800MHz frequency band in the test room jammer

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