Jammer Control System

Jammer Control System

SMa-0501-V5.0 Main Control Software

SMa-0501-V5.0 Main Control Software

The Jammer Control Software is user operation interface of mobile shielding system and need combine with line concentration controller and sub controller to use.

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SMa-0501-V5.0 Mobile Shielding Intelligent Management System Main Control Software

Shielding System Main Control Software

HMI: Operate easily, administrator can remote switch on or off the mobile jammer by clicking mouse, status feedback real time;
E-map: Clear organizational chart, administrator can view overall;
Point/Group/Full Control: Point control any jammers, or grouping several jammers (according to floors, buildings or area) , then group control or full control;
Fault Query: Query work status of any jammer manually, or set up to regularly query automatically. The system would provide alarm information and point out the fault jammer;
Timing Switch: Timing switch control any jammer or group according to pre arrangement schedule. System can run offline(main control computer is off, the software did not run, send pre arrangement schedule to line concentration controller) , timing by day or by week(different schedule for each day of a week);
Authority Management: Three levels authority management, including “system administrator”, ”general user”, “browse user”;
System Journal: Each step of operation or modification can be recorded in journal, all operation can reverse inquiry;
Remote Network: Multiple level units as several nodes, senior management can control or monitor the subordinate nodes through special network or internet;
Software Language: Chinese/English ,a bilingual user interface, can extend language pack;
Special explanation: The software is user operation interface of mobile shielding system and need combine with line concentration controller and sub controller to use.

Main Parts

HMI,easy operation

Tool Button Area
Clicking the shortcut button, enter the setting page or execute the corresponding operation instructions.
Organization Structure Directory
Show points and hierarchical relationship of each mobile jammer in a tree structure, equivalent to electronic map.
Personality Icons Area in Main Window
Show work status of all the mobile signal jammer under current grouping, and have corresponding buttons to switch on/off or inquiry.
Status Browsing Area
With five different colored flashing lights to indicate work status of each terminal,double-clicking the flashing lights icon to enter working status display window, it will list all terminals under work.
Automatic Task Information Display Area
When the software in the implementation of “timing schedule” or “auto inquiry”, it real time displays the result of instructions execution and completion.
Main Control Software Setting Interface

Menu Option

System Option

Organization Chart

Main Control Software Function Module

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported

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