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SMa-818K200-UAV High-Power(200) UAV Signal Jammer

SMa-818K200-UAV High-Power(200) UAV Signal Jammer

SMa-818K200-UAV is applicable to open field, prison, school, force, factory

  • Item NO.:

  • Direction of jammer:

    Directional coverage - standard directional antenna
  • Jamming range:

    jamming radius: 100~500m (-75dbm
  • Frequency band (module) ratio:

    Frequency band (module) power ≥ 50W
  • Power supply mode:

    AC IN
  • Optional frequency band type:

    Mobile signal: all 2G/3G/4G/5G , WiFi 2.4G
product details

SMa-818K200-UAV High-Power(200W) UAV Signal Jammer


SMa-818K200-UAV High-Power(200W) UAV Signal Jammer,Special for open field environment or large area;For example: secret keeping units, prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mining enterprises, etc

A:1-2 in open field environment;

B:Large users should refer to: the height and layout of buildings in the unit, the size of each building volume, whether there are tall buildings around, etc., generally 4-10 sets are needed;

Technical Parameters
A:Jamming Range: Radius of 200~500 meters (-75dBm, depending on the distance of base station in an open field)
B:Transmission Power: Integrated equipment ≥ 250W, 50~75W per channel

C:Types of Mobile Phone Signals:

    Navigation frequency :GPS L1 1575MHz

    Flight control  1 :433MHz

    Flight control  2: 900~930MHz

    Picture transmission 1:2.4G 2400~2500MHz

    Picture transmission 2:5.8G 5725~5875MHz

D:Output Channel: 5 output channels; each can regulate the power separately (gear regulation)
System overview

Unmanned aircraft,Referred to as "UAV",It refers to the unmanned aircraft controlled by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device.In recent years,With the development trend of UAV industry showing blowout,UAV has been widely used in traditional and non-traditional security fields,In addition to military applications,It also involves scientific research, agriculture, electricity, transportation, meteorology and many other industries.In just a few years,Drones have become popular from the small crowd,Especially in the application market of civil UAV,Even going crazy and abuse.

Rapid, disordered and uncontrolled development of UAV,Its negative effects have become increasingly apparent!Potential safety hazards and accidents caused by "black flying" of UAV are frequently reported and forbidden.Some civil UAVs are not only cheap、in addition to aerial photography,It even has the functions of secretly photographing, recording, monitoring, reconnaissance and Airdropping articles (including contraband and dangerous goods), which brings great security risks and management loopholes to government agencies, military restricted zones, key secret keeping units, prison guards, large sports conferences, large festival celebrations, security of important people, airport airspace, etc.For the widespread use of UAVs,Relevant regulatory measures are difficult to implement.It is difficult to monitor, locate and manage UAV users,Therefore, in order to prevent the security and leakage caused by UAV, anti UAV system or UAV jamming system is imperative!

Anti UAV system or UAV jamming and countermeasure system in theory,The best way to achieve this is: detection (Discovery) → jamming → capture (forced landing).However, due to the small size of most UAVs, low power of remote control and data transmission, as well as low altitude and ultra-low altitude flight, no matter radar echo, optical image, audio analysis and other detection technologies are used, the UAV's body reflection signal is too small, ground background noise disturbance, ground communication signal is complex, high-rise building obstacles and other reasons will make the UAV The rate of false positive and false negative is very high.Under the condition that the existing detection technology is not perfect and reliable, it is a feasible, more stable and effective solution to effectively interfere and suppress the communication frequency of UAV such as remote control, positioning and data transmission.The solution of this set of anti UAV system is to transmit interference signals of several modes to the UAV no fly zone and its surrounding areas within a certain range to suppress all possible wireless communication frequency bands of the UAV, including but not limited to: GPS positioning and navigation signals, Beidou I, Beidou II, GLONASS, Galileo, 433MHz Remote control, WiFi 2.4G, WiFi 5.8G, etc. When the UAV enters the interference signal coverage range, its performance results are: loss of contact, out of control, inertial flight, falling, self landing, etc.

Main Parts             
Detailed Technical Parameters

Band parameter


Operating frequency

Average output power







900 MHz









Jammer size

780*530*310protrusions excluded

Antenna size


Packing size


Whole set weight


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Power consumption


Power input

AC 100V240V

Power output

DC 2*27V/13A

Installation mode


Installation height


Enclosure material

Aluminum alloy

Product Details


The effective jamming range of anti UAV signal jamming system may be different in different application sites. This is related to the erection height, quantity and installation position of the equipment (antenna) on site;

The factors that affect the range of UAV signal interference include but are not limited to: the use of omnidirectional antenna or directional antenna, the direction of antenna, whether there are obstacles, whether there are tall buildings or buildings around, the installation height of interference system, whether the installation is standard, etc;

Each antenna has a frequency band identification, which must correspond to the frequency band identification on the host one by one. Before the anti UAV signal interference system is turned on, each antenna must be connected reliably. It is not allowed to start the machine without antenna;

This anti UAV signal interference system can be installed by wall hanging type or by holding hoop on the upright pole; the installation height is recommended to be 5-50m;

During outdoor installation, the host and antenna shall be under the lightning rod;

The anti UAV signal interference system belongs to high-power model. When it is turned on, it will affect the following electronic equipment within its coverage (including the user's internal), including but not limited to: unit wireless LAN, WiFi routing / relay equipment, common remote control switch and car remote control, mobile terminal and vehicle navigation and positioning, etc;

OEM Customized Service
Other frequency bands can be added, modified and spread spectrum as required.
Silkscreen OEM service can be offered for five jammers or above.
Neutral jammers can be provided.
Application in Prison

In engineering application, the host and antenna of the anti UAV signal interference system are completely waterproof, which can be directly installed in outdoor environment: 

Select directional antenna (plate type) or omnidirectional antenna (fiberglass pole type) according to the needs of the site;

In order to achieve the best reaction effect of UAV, it is recommended to select the highest point for installation;

It can be installed with the help of the roof, outer wall or light pole of the building;

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